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Here is the list of our activities for this school year. If you have further inquiries, don't hesitate to call/text us at: 09283893720 or email:!


Long Test & QFE Reviews - Our reviews are usually during weekends before the exams. But we also conduct reviews during weekdays depending on our students' needs. Inform us of your long test and quarter final exam schedules so we could make proper
adjustments in our weekly schedule.

Tutorial classes - We conduct tutorial classes during weekdays and weekends. You can choose the most convenient time for your schedule. Just inform us ahead of time.
High School Readiness Program - This will be launched this coming April-May 2006. Enrollment schedules will be posted before the school year ends. Areas of concentration are Math and English subjects.

Special programs - We also offer a  special course on creative writing during summer. This summer class will be handled by advanced creative writers.  

Enhanced Math I, II & III - We will conduct classes for these special Math courses this coming summer (April - May 2006). We have successfully launched these programs already last summer. So if you want to improve your problem solving ability and other Math skills, watch out for our enrollment schedules.

Reading English I & II - We offer these programs during summer. These programs are geared to develop reading comprehension, spelling and vocabulary skills.  

Need a tutor? Call/text us: 09283893720

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